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Mouse have stopped working in 2 USB ports.

  • 17 February 2019
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Few days ago I bought Razer Basilisk, plugged him in and everything was ok. But yesterday it froze - pointer was not moving, none button was working I also got msg from windows "razer synapse 3 stopped working".
I did replug and computer reset. Nothing. Mouse was dead. 😞 But for some reason lights on the mice were still ON. I have uninstalled Synapse 3 - still dead. Reinstalled it again - still dead.

Then i plugged him into different USB port - it become alive! But after few hours the same happened. Mouse froze and became dead

So now my Basilisk is plugged into 3rd USB port. 2 previous ports are dead but only for Basilisk. Other devices work fine in them. My previous mouse, smartphone, pendrive. Everything work in those 2 ports but not Basilisk.

Why? Does Basilisk suddenly got mad on these 2 USB ports? For some reason? And how much time it will take until my Basilisk will get mad on my 3rd USB port? A week?

My specs:
-windows 7 home premium sp1 x64
-MSI mobo on intel Z-77 chipset

Its my first Razer mice and its disappointing :(:(((( . I have never had such problems with mouse before. It should be simple - plug and play.

Any help? Any ideas? Why those 2 USB ports dont work with Basilisk anymore? Other devices have no problems with them.

Thanks for any help.

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Hi there! Can you send me the build number of Windows as well as Synapse 3 through PM? Let's continue there.