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Multiple addressable fans

  • 23 January 2021
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Can I daisy chain 4 3pin 5v 120mm fans of the same model together and still be able to address each one individually so I can program a light effect going from one to the other or do I have to plug each individual fan in my Razer controller and if that is the case, can I have two controllers installed in my computer?

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3 Replies

May be that daisychaining fans can be a little bit tricky, because i think the controller discovers the chain as one fan. Maybe you have to treat the chain as stripe to be able to set the exact amount of LEDs and to have better control of the LEDs of each fan. But to be honest i don't really have a clue. I haven't daisy-chained on my controller, and there is lack of information, instructions or even some How-To's from Razer. Even on Google or Youtube you can't find good information or vids on how to set up such scenario.

You can't have two Controllers installed. This matter was often discussed here in the forum. Maybe one day you will be able. As the support mentions, the devs are working on Synapse to support multiple devices of the same type. But no one knows, when this will be...
Crap.. Well thank you for the reply. Would a hub plugged into the controller work?
You can connect a hub to the controller. But you can't control single devices connected to the hub with Synapse. It does not recognize the devices connected to the hub. The controller treats the hub as a single device. Be aware that the controller supports only up to 80 LEDs on a single port. So the hub doesn't extend this. Only devices with max 80 LEDs in summary can therefore be connected to the hub.