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My experience with RMA

  • 10 March 2023
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I had a Viper Mini with a loose side button after about 7 months then now some weeks ago the cable broke too (sometimes disconnects for 1s). So I asked Razer Support on Twitter (I recommend contacting them there not on Email because on Email it tooks about 1 day to get a response, on Twitter its about 10 min max) . So I asked them if I could get a replacement, I sent them a video of pressing the key and they have created a case. Then I had to choose between FedEx or DHL. After I choosed they asked me to cut the cable and make a photo of the mouse upside down. They didn't have a Viper Mini on stock so they offered me a Viper 8K Hz. I'm from Hungary and they shipped from Hong Kong in 2 days! Dispatched it on the 7th of March and I recrieved it on 9th of March. This whole process took about 9 days, February 28. - Match 9. So overall this is the best support I have ever had.

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Nice upgrade ;)

It's great to hear that you had a positive experience with Razer Support on Twitter. It's good to know that they responded quickly and were able to create a case for you based on the video you sent them. It's also nice that they offered you a replacement, albeit a different model, when they didn't have the Viper Mini in stock. The fact that they shipped from Hong Kong and you received it in Hungary within two days is impressive. It's always great to have good customer support experiences like this.