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My Honest Review of the Razer Blade 15' 18 Advanced Model

  • 8 January 2020
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Hi guys,

Wanted to write about my experiences coming from the Acer, Apple Macbook world previously.

Like many of you, I'm a gamer and work on my labtop all day long. So I took the dive in late 2018 to buy the baddest razer labtop out there for $2500ish. A very big gamble for me since I could of gone to Apple and paid less.

That said, the computer runs fast, (added 36 gb) and is one hellofa machine.

My only issue is the quality of the product and I'll explain below in three facets:

1. MIcrophone and Camera not working after 1 month ( Cable was melted out, had to do an RMA). After RMA, I realized the replaced my entire screen. Ok, I'm cool with that.

2. USB port failures: The USB port failed, the plastic piece broke off after 10 months of use. Had to get that RMA'd. So they replaced the entire motherboard. Ok, did I get a new one or a refurbished one?

3. GPU FAN failure: Well, it appears I may have gotten a refurbished one, since now one of the small fans stopped working after a month! I await a response to an RMA request with support now, 1 week and still waiting. I guess, my computer is going to burn out since its running so hot now.

At this point, I'm very disappointed at the quality of the product and do not recommend their laptops. It's safe to say there are better high quality alternatives out there.

If anyone at Razer is reading this, I'm still holding out high hopes, but at this point, I can't even play League of Legends any more since I'm afraid the computer will melt...

Either way, If I cant get this resolved, I'm going to cut my losses ( $2500 ) and move back to Macbook Pro.

Thank you and I hope anyone reading this will understand my frustrations.

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Hi there! Please PM me the case number. I'd like to take a look.