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Naga Chroma and Firefly v2 MAJOR Incompatibility Issues

  • 25 November 2020
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Hello, Razer community!

So I recently got the Firefly v2, and upon enabling it via synapse and (over 32+ times) recalibrating my mouse to the surface of the Firefly v2 (Registered as Firefly Hard in Synapse 3.0), I am still experiencing a poor read from the mouse. My mouse has served me very well and had little to no error in the time that I used it. I even tried installing Synapse 2, however, it wasn't detecting any of my Razer devices. I have at this point in time, completely reinstalled ALL of my drivers, and it still isn't working. My Naga Chroma works perfectly fine on literally every other surface, but not on the Firefly v2 which I just spent a LOT of money on. Some help with this issue would be much appreciated, thank you!

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1 Reply

I am using a Hard Mouse mat " Firefly. With a Death Adder mouse. Could anyone sugest a decent mouse which would be a bit quiter than the Death Adder. Appolegies if this is in the wrong forum. Thank you.