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Naga Chroma - Tracking Issues

  • 6 February 2019
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Over several months I am continuing to experience constant tracking issues with this mouse.

I have Uninstalled, reinstalled, tried new profiles, different surface selections.... multiple re-calibrations. Often after some messing around the calibrations works for a while, but then either on next reboot or after a while the calibration is fubar again.

I have seen several threads from others with similar issues, is there a fault with the mouse or could there be something environmental. I have tried on 4 different PCs, eventually all experiencing the same issue.

Windows 10 64Bit, latest and greatest drivers for Razer.
Razer Nag Chroma mouse
Razer Goliathus Chroma Surface

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Hi there! Have you tried cleaning the sensor and see if it helps? You can use a Q-Tip that's slightly damp with rubbing alcohol to gently clean the sensor. Make sure that it is unplugged and wait for the alcohol to dry before trying to recalibrate the surface again. Let me know how it goes.