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naga trinity never worked

  • 13 April 2022
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hi, i'm getting tired of my mice that never worked.
Purchased, connected and installed everything you need, restarted the pc, used the mouse for 1h then it stopped working and from that day it had problems, continuing to disconnect from the pc etc. etc.
I formatted the pc 2 times, updated the drivers several times, uninstalled synapse3 100 times and reinstalled, restarted the pc I don't know how many times, I did everything that is written on the forums, reddit, support pages, without any success.
i paid 119 € in a local shop, they don't give me change, i tried starting from them telling me it was fine, it works.
tried to use it on another new pc i did everything necessary to make it work, obviously without any success. I must point out that I am using a corsair keyboard and mouse on that new pc, perfectly functional.
HELP me please, I'm not going to break this mouse on the wall to make a viral post on social media.

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