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Naga Trinity pattern on wireless naga Pro?

  • 29 January 2023
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Hi there all,

I have had a naga trinity for several years and it is amazing. Best mouse I have ever had. Specifically, the 7 button circle patterned attachment of the three options is what I like most.

Can anyone confirm or deny that my attachment panel for my [wired] naga trinity would work if I were to now purchase a [wireless] Naga Pro and use the old attachment on the new mouse and also still work with razer synapse application?

I am asking because this would allow me to move from wired to wireless and keep my favorite form factor of all time.

If not, then maybe this could be supported in the next gen of naga pro hopefully.

Thanks for any input!

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Sadly no.

I would be thrilled if this 7 button side panel support was added to the wireless Naga. The software already has the code just applied to a different model mouse. Should be simple to add the model to the already existing code. Then all that would be left is a firmware update on the mouse side of things. We can only hope they implement this one day.