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Nari ultimate not connecting with bluetooth

  • 11 November 2022
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Hello, i the usb i used to connect wirelessly to my headphones broke, and i am trying to connect the headset via bluetooth or through razer synapse, however i am struggling on how to do it, can anyone please help?

i am trying to connect to a windows 10

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2 Replies

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To the best of my knowledge (and I do own the Nari Ultimate), it doesn't support native Bluetooth. It only supports wireless via its own wireless USB dongle. You can connect it via USB or the 3.5mm jack. Also, and I cant vouch for these personally, but these replacement dongles are available on Amazon -
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PS. If you are going to buy the replacement from Amazon, get in quick. Last time I posted that link on here, they sold out a few days later, and the original thread poster came at me 9 days later saying they aren't available anymore. I'm not the person selling them!