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Nari Wireless Mic Quality

  • 14 July 2019
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I've had my Razer Nari for about half a year now, and I've tried to ignore this issue, but it's getting nearly unbearable. Whenever I have my headset plugged in via the AUX cable, the mic quality seems to be fine but the sound quality, while ok, isn't nearly as good as if it was wireless. Yet when it's wireless the sound quality is much better, yet the mic quality gets so bad that I've even been kicked from Discord calls for having a mic that sounds like it's coming from a dollar store headset. It used to sound much better, so I know that this isn't what it normally sounded like, but I can't seem to fix the wireless quality, and I've gotten really tired of resorting to using the AUX cord, as I much rather would prefer to use it wirelessly. Also, completely unrelated, and I don't know if it has to be in a different thread, but I just recently bought a Nintendo Switch, and when I plug the wireless USB into the dock I can't hear Switch audio wirelessly. Someone please help me with both issues, it would be much appreciated!

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5 Replies

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Hey there! Thanks for posting this to our Support board. This is definitely not our Razer Nari's normal behavior. Did you recently update your Razer Synapse 3.0 and Razer Nari? Does the issue happen while you are logged out from Razer Synapse 3.0 or while using a dummy account? Also, does it happen across your computer application that uses audio? Lastly, does the issue happen even with another device?
I did recently factory reset my PC which in turn re-installed and updated Synapse, but the issue has been going on for a while prior. I use my main account (this one) for my Synapse account, and I always keep my Synapse open whenever I'm using my headset, wirelessly or by AUX cable.
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Gotcha! Going back to the last two questions, does the issue happen while it is connected to a different PC? Also, does it happen to another computer application/programs that use audio and video? Please connect your headset toy our computer via USB and check its driver under your Windows Device Manager and uninstall-reinstall it and restart your PC. Let me know if it helps.
I wouldn't know if it'd occur when connected to a different PC since I've only connected it to my desktop. To answer your second question, yes it does occur with other computer applications and programs. Regarding the driver's I'm having trouble finding which ones I should uninstall. Should I uninstall all Razer drivers for my headset or just a few specific drivers? And how would I reinstall them, would it be through Synapse?
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Thanks for sharing that to me. I recommend running the update via Razer Synapse 3.0 or you can click this link to get its latest update. Connecting your headset to a different computer can greatly isolate the audio and microphone issue. By the way, uninstalling your headset's driver your PC can refresh your headset's settings that's why I included that step previously.