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Need some better explanation of Hunstman V2 Analog features

  • 26 February 2021
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My Logtech G910 keyboard and G903 mouse had been giving me some issue for several months, so I decided to give Razer products a try. I bought the Hunstman V2 Analog Keyboard and Basilisk V2 mouse. Although I've only had them a few days, I've been mostly satisfied, though I find the keys on the keyboard a little closer together than on my Logitech, which is taking some getting used to.

My main issue right now is that neither of the products...or the Razer Synapse software that I installed...have very good explanations of all their features, which is causing me to have some questions. For instance, I looked in the little manual that came with the keyboard, and then in an online PDF I found on the Razer site, but still couldn't find clear explanations of what all four of the "function" keys...F9-F12...actually did. I even got myself in some trouble by hitting Fn-F9, which apparently starts recording a macro, and then couldn't figure out how to stop it, or where it was going to get assigned to.

And I still haven't figured out what the 5 little LEDs to the left of the Num keypad all indicate. I figured out through trial and error that the "G" LED indicates gaming mode is on, and through that same example I mentioned above, I assume the "M" LED is flashing when a macro is being recorded. But I still have no idea what the "C" light is supposed to mean, nor the "S" light, nor the "1" light, which seems to always be lit.

Where is the detailed information on what these LEDs mean? It wasn't in the tiny manual with the product, nor could I find it in the online file I found. I'm a big fan of reading manuals, and not so big a fan of just finding out things by trial and error. So if someone can point me to something that has better explanations of these lights...and EVERYTHING on my new keyboard, mouse, and Synapse software, I'd appreciate it.

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