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New to Razer 2 big problems with Synaspe

I'm a long time Logitech user In recent year they hardware quality dropping a lot so want to try another brand
and I choose Razer and Just bought Cynose Elite keyboard and found two major problems for such a basic task like so.
First one is auto profile switching have a delay around 3 seconds after I switch to application. This are big problems because I use gaming device for work I open many programs at once and switch very often so manual profile switch is never and option. Not sure is this a normal behave of synaspe??
And another is for macro system cannot do such a simple task like holding Ctrl+Middle Mouse button when press and release when lift the button (its a basic pan command of many programs). I tried many method I found on the internet nothings work.
All of above Logitech software can do without any problems. I'm disappointed in Razer software quality.

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