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Nommo Chroma Speakers messed up headset volume

  • 10 March 2021
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I just plugged these wonderful speakers in and I love the sound that comes from them. On another note, they look fantastic. The only problem is now my Steelseries Arctis 7 headset volume is insanely low for every application. Normally my volume (using Windows 10) for Valorant is 14. It sounded great on my headset and everything was more than audible. However, after connecting my Nommo speakers I need to increase my volume to 80 (for my headset) if I want to just barely hear a gunshot. This is not an issue with my Nommo as it sounds almost exactly the same as my headset once did for gameplay at volume 14.
Because this is an issue after connecting the Nommo, and my headset works just fine with the Nommo disconnected, I'm posting here and not on a Steelseries thread. If any of this is unclear/needs more explaining feel free to ask questions, I'm thankful for any help I can get.
TLDR: Razer Nommo speakers messed up headset volume, headset volume is now super low regardless to Windows volume.

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The issue has been solved through several restarts and disconnections of the speakers! I have no idea what was causing the issue but it doesn't matter to me anymore. If anyone else is confronted with this problem, disconnect the speakers and then restart/reboot your pc*. After it boots up feel free to plug them back in and your headset should work like new
(order is important)*