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Not pleased w/ Barracuda X headphones

  • 27 January 2023
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I purchased a Barracuda X headphones on 7/5/22, (I've had them little over 4 months) they came out the box with a small brake in the bracket, it did not seam to be structural nor mess with the performance. I decided to keep them because I live in the country over a hour drive one way and it would be 40-50 dollars in gas to go back to the city (my mistake)...I used the mic on it for the first couple of months, unplugged it didn't use it for a month, it set on top of my pc. Went to use it a couple of days ago, now theirs is a extremely load ticking sound when I plug the mic in, that everyone can hear. None of my friends or any one for that matter will play pc games w/ me unless I go micless. Which was the purposes I bought them ! (I wouldn't even attempt to use it any professional communication)... So where's this leave me, I can buy a new mic for 20 plus dollars which might not even fix the problem ( the problem could be in the female connector side)...Or go buy a new one, even though I registered my serial number w/ the company I can't find my receipt (my mistake). So despite a couple of mistakes on my end I still feel like giving 100 dollars for a product it should be better quality, leaving me extremely frustrated and cheated out of a hundo.

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