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On the Automobili Lamborghini

  • 6 December 2023
  • 2 replies

The other day I was able to place an order for the Automobili Lamborghini limited laptop which came out in late September. I saw that they were making 150 (for consumer selling- meaning they also made marketing laptops), and I was curious as to whether this was a mistake or not on their end. How are they not sold out yet in early December? Is my order going to be declined / is the option to buy it an accident they just haven’t taken down yet? I just find it hard to believe (especially with all the warehouse up-chargers) that they would still have some of the 150 left over two months later. Is anyone able to confirm or disconfirm that there is still stock left?

2 Replies

I’m wondering the same thing as to why it is still available to order. Did you happen to get yours yet? If not, have there been any shipping updates. I’m ready to order this one also, but I am trying to find out if I’d be able to return it if there is anything wrong with it, or if I am just not happy with it (of course during the return period). The reason I ask is because sometimes companies will not allow returns on limited edition specials. If there is no problem with returns on the Lamborghini edition, then I would order it right away.

I hope your order went through and you have either received it, or will soon.

Thanks DaBears. I will let you know when it comes in. I don’t have any shipping updates yet. I also contacted support to see if they could comment on this topic.