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Order cancellation request?

I just placed an order 20 minutes ago, and almost instantly after i received an email with the title: Your Razer.com Order Cancellation Request Has Been Submitted. I might be overlooking this and the transaction was a failure, but no details were included in the email, only my order details. If this means my order is getting cancelled, or has been cancelled i don't know why that happened because i don't want this order to get stopped. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :I

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Same just happend to me
I solved the problem, it wasn't that hard, just pay with PayPal, because I'm pretty sure that Razer's online pay servers only accept US credit and debit cards. If you live in the US... well it should work, otherwise, use PayPal, like i said because their servers are international. Instead of an order cancellation email, you should look for an order confirmation email a couple hours after placing the order, and a shipping confirmation a day after. I hope this solves your problem as it solved mine.