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Ornata Chroma V2 types backwards

  • 30 December 2021
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been looking for a solution all over the internet and it didn't get me anywhere so here it comes..

Ornata Chroma V2 connected via USB to a laptop.
Synapse installed (up to date)
Running Windows 11

Issue description:
Ornata Chroma V2 randomly switches and types "backwards". The issue started a while after I upgraded Windows to 11. Seems to be more frequent while running games and shows always when I boot the PC and type Windows password. When the issue occurs and I type a couple of letters on my laptop keyboard and Ornata switches back to a "normal" type of writing.

Tried solutions:
Reinstalling Synapse
Turning PC on and off (duh...)
Reconnecting the keyboard
CTRL + Shift(s)
Changing regional settings
Scanning PC for viruses

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