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Patch notes?

  • 21 December 2022
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Synapse was updated 20221219, I have tried to find the patch notes for this, but I can only find mostly generic-worded things like "General bug fixes and performance improvements", which is really not helpful to us that have specific issues we are waiting on a fix for.

So I would like to ask very specifically does this update address the "sticky keys" issue for the Tartarus V2?

For those that don't know what this means (which surprisingly seems to include most support personnel) feel free to peruse this thread /razer-tartarus-v2-controller-d-pad-sticking-glitch.67168/
In said thread it is very clearly established that this is a pure software issue with Synapse, and you can also see that it has been going on for years without a fix, so I hold little hope that it will ever be resolved.

As I was in fact in the process of uninstalling Synapse to end its miserable existence on my system, and use third party software (which works fine by the way, but is a hassle if you have more razer devices), it told me there was an update available so I figured Id at least ask if it had been adressed.

2 Replies

I am going to answer my own question here with a resounding, no it has not been addressed. So bye bye Synapse, may you never return to my system, you piece of crap software.
Removed Synapse, installed third party software to remap the keys. Works like a dream!

If I worked at Razer I'd feel significant shame about the fact that third party software makes Razer hardware work far better than the software provided by Razer.