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Power Adapter for Razer blade 14

  • 27 September 2022
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Hello, Razer!

Unfortunately, I'm requesting support on my Razer Blade 14', 2017 for the 4th time.

Before Razer managed to help me, and I appreciate this.

The immediate question is - what is the right power supply replacement for my Razer Blade, 14'' , 2017.

I could not find direct replacement for the charger in the online shop. What would be the right model? This one:

But more important issue is, that it looks like there is once again battery swelling. It's not the first time happening and it's again right after travel by air (I keep laptop in the cabin in my laptop bag). There is no damage or anything. Right after 2 hours flight I landed and went to the office, I found battery is not charging.
I suspect battery swelling (there is some deformation on the mouse track pad like it was last time it was swelling). And after few hours of turning on/off charger, the power cord started MELTING. So, I suspect the some issue with the batter caused increase in the resistance in the power adapter.

Anyway, let's start with power adapter replacement. Please let me know which one model do I need to purchase.

Thank you.

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2 Replies

Razer Support, please respond. I can't use my laptop. Please let me know what is the right power adapter to purchase for my laptop.

Thank you.
Razer, could you please respond to my question?