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Problem with lighting on Razer Mamba 16000.

  • 16 January 2019
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When the mouse is wireless, none of the effects for lighting will work, the mouse itself works fine, just lighting that isn't functional at all. This is the same for the dock when the mouse is wireless (only if set to "Follow Mouse Effect" in Synapse). The first picture is of the mouse wireless, the effect clearly is on wave but the mouse isn't showing anything.

As for when the mouse is wired, only certain effects will work. Both wave and reactive work, however when switching to any other effect (e.g. breathing, spectrum cycling, static) it will freeze what was on. The second image is an example of this, the mouse is plugged in and the lighting is frozen on wave (not moving) when it is clearly selected static (this also happens when selecting spectrum cycling and breathing).

I have tested it on a different computer and get the same results. I have tried restarting my pc, changing the USB port, updating synapse, uninstalling and reinstalling synapse. However none of these work.

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