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Profile colour change

  • 10 August 2020
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Hi. Suddenly my profile colours do not change when i switch them using the FN key or via the app. I have checked the set up and each profile is allocated to its own colour, everything is stuck in Blue. I do get the profile change notification so something is happening but no change in colour even when i swap them around in the profile manager. Any help would be appreciated as it is getting confusing. Cheers

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3 Replies

Hi. Now the colour of the keyboard just changed on its own? What do i do if the keyboard is faulty, its only 6 months old?
Have similar problem. Occured few days ago, after Synapse update. My mice shows the same lighting color for all profiles although settings look fine (different colors set for each profile) and I didn't change them for a long time. Seems like some software problem.
Hi That's good to know i think. Thanks for sharing.