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Question about VAT if i ship to sweden

  • 31 July 2020
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i want to purchase the new Razer Huntsman Mini, but there is no store in sweden that sells the Razer Huntsman Mini so i have to purchase it on Razers online store. But i'm scared that i have to pay double the price cause of the VAT when ordering from another country, because things like this have happened to me before. I purchased a mouse pad from aliexpress, and when it arrived to the post office in sweden they demanded a high amount of VAT or else i wouldn't get my mouse pad. Is this something that's gonna happen if i purchase the Razer Huntsman Mini? I live in sweden. And is the Razer warehouses located in the US or somewhere else outside of EU or in EU cause if it is located outside of EU i think the VAT will be very high.

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