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Quite disappointed with Razer so far...

So It’s been many years since I bought a Razer product and I decided to take a chance on them again. I’m a little disappointed in the lack of community engagement specifically in the Chroma section.

Synapse software not being able to sync with iCue? It’s 2023… 

I bought the 2023 Blackshark Pro V2 headset yesterday and I can’t sync the headset stand with the rest of my setup. I’m going to have to return it now for the Corsair headset stand. I can’t seem to find a way to sync it with iCue and the Chroma section of this forum is full of frustrated customers like myself with questions and no assistance. 

Also no ThX profiles for Diablo 4…? Come on


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Well did you contact icue ask them about razer hardware support in there software.   


Also thx is an audio stand company I don't understand why we have thx profiles from them for any game.  But audio for all companies and equipment should be looked into. Not sure what the team is doing or why they had so many problems.  But hopefully they fix up audio soon. 

I reached out to Corsair I’m waiting for a response. I’m just saying Razer support seems bad. Corsair isn’t listed under the supported companies page so I doubt it will work. I’ll just return it for a Corsair stand sadly. I like the Razer one better too.

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I'm just hoping it's a Razer stand with rgb not all of them had razer rgb.  I also check firmware support the one with a dac had one firmware update.


Good luck.

Yeah it’s the RGB one it’s really nice seems like good quality but having to manually configure the RGB every time is a deal breaker for me. 

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So the software not saving the settings

The software doesn’t recognize the other device 

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That's possible I have not try mine in a long time.

I’ve been trying to setup a return for almost a week now support said they would be emailing me back and still nothing. Most likely the last Razer product I buy. Horrible company.

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Well that's depressing to hear hopefully you get better support.  Most people normally ask for a different customer service person or manager to help with problems.  But that does not always help.   I'm really happy with mine so far.  Wondering if many companies will setup vr headset to work with sound bar technology.

I returned my headset that I thought was good along with the headset stand. Not sure if I made the wrong choice here but I can’t support this company. 

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Well at this point I'm hopeful you find a great new choice that makes you happy.

Well at this point I'm hopeful you find a great new choice that makes you happy.

Yeah not many good options to choose from currently as everything is old and outdated. I purchased a Corsair one for $40 which was a great price even has Side tone which is something the Razer didn’t have. I’ll wait until some new ones come out later in the year. Thanks!

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I Know a few have been checking out https://drop.com/home?gclid=Cj0KCQjwtO-kBhDIARIsAL6LoreeAxJeKGED58Or48efyUZkYnT1j_vuwv-FV7e3GwTwyQm9dLYaQCIaAttyEALw_wcB


They had a few smaller teams selling hand made stuff.  That can be affordable. Once they get enough stock ready they sell it.  But lots are looking for new suppliers and manufacturers. Other waiting for changes to come to internet internal shipping rules to updated before they release products. I keep watching.  I know a few have release high end versions over $500 version.