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Raiju Ultimate

Hi, I have a Razer Raiju Ultimate controller and I was about to upgrade its firmware from 1.04 to 1.05. Sadly, in the middle of the update my computer lost connection to my controller and the controller became non responsive. It didn't start or anything. I thought that I had bricked it and that it broke for me. I tried to do the 1.05 update again but it would not work. I then tried the 1.03 update and that one worked and my controller came back to life. Only problem is that its really bad. I got stick drift and lag that I didn't have before.
My controller had 1.04 when it came form the store but I can't upgrade it to 1.04 since its not available to the download and 1.05 requires 1.04 to work.

So now to my question: Does anyone have the 1.04 firmware updated for a Razer Rajiu Ultimate controller?


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