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Raiju Ultimate glows and won't respond

  • 19 July 2020
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Hello there,

I own a Raiju Ultimate controller and have been playing PS4 and PC games (Steam and non-steam via DS4Windows) for a while without any issue.

Two days ago, when I turned on my controller, the touchpad started glowing with a Chroma rainbow animation and any button would respond ever since. Everytime I try to turn it on in whichever mode (PS4 mode, PC mode, USB mode), it just glows for a long time without responding.

Some observations about the issue:

  • PC nor PS4 don't detect it even when it's USB connected

  • It starts glowing just after pressing the PS button
  • Any button responds, including the 4 config buttons below the joystick (sync, config, chroma, lock)
  • PS button + Options or PS button + Share do not start pairing mode anymore
  • Not appearing in Android App
  • Firmware is updated and I did not perform any additional action when it suddenly stopped working
  • Tried pushing the RESET button bellow M4 button with a needle. Chroma animation freezes but then it goes on.
  • Controller won't turn off when changing modes with the back switch

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1 Reply

Any update on this?