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Raiju Ultimate replacements are repaired, not new

Talked with an agent cuz im waiting for my 2nd RMA, 1st one was a v1.04, it was honestly worse than my v1.01 cuz my v1.01 was very good but drifted often here and there, sometimes in a big way sometimes in a small way. The v1.04 i got had deadzone issues, drifted too and also felt unresponsive in general way too often but that couldnt be showcased in any video, it was the general feeling of it.

So i talk with an agent 20 minutes ago because i should have gotten a replacement shipped by now and we talk a bit about the process cuz i was having concerns. For example what if the controller i sent back was checked and they deemed it "fine" for example and didnt replace it? And the agent assures me im gonna get a replacement since i got into this process but the replacement im gonna get is gonna either be brand new or a repaired one.

I tell him to elaborate a bit on this and he tells me my controller would be checked to see what problems it has and then it will be "fixed" to be used as a replacement for someone else who RMA'd his. We all know there's no fix for this out there. If there was this controller wouldnt have been unplayable since the day it came out. So we just recycle each other's controllers.

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This is horrible
Sorry to hear about your experience, @stavrosmangaros! Do you have the case ID from our Support Team? Kindly send it through PM and let's continue from there.

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