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Razer Atheris Bluetooth and firmware problem with Mac

  • 1 June 2020
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I started to have a Bluetooth connection problem with my 6-month old Razer Atheris on a MacBook. I tried everything that Razer support suggested. They asked me to update its firmware. It turned out the firmware updater only works on Windows, inconveniently. So I borrowed my daughter's Windows 10 computer, but because of the Bluetooth problem, the mouse did not get connected to the computer for the firmware update no matter what. I thought it was absurd in two-fold. 1) While Razer Atheris claims to support mac, you need a Windows computer to update the firmware. 2) You need to use BT to solve a BT problem while the device is equipped with a USB dongle.
If I had known these problems, I would not have bought Atheris.
Now that all the solutions are exhausted, the support proposed a replacement, which, of course, does not solve my problem because I now know this mouse really does not 'support' Mac. I asked for a refund. They responded that they would come back to me with an answer in a couple of days. That was ten days ago.
I am curious if anyone else experienced the same problem with a MacBook, also why isn't the support following through the promise?

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I posted something similar experience with the Razer Atheris, I came to love this mouse but it's really disappointing that the problem still persists.. really hope Razer deal with this