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Razer Barracuda Pro Not Turning ON and won't charge Properly, cannot find Serial Number


Suddenly Since Yesterday, My Razer Barracuda Pro is Not turning ON(while unplugged from Charging Cable)

Here are Few things which i have tried

  1. I can see the Charging Light of Red while i connect the Charging cable back and forth two or three times to the charging port faster by unplugging the cable and quickly plugging in the cable within a second, unplugging the cable and Plugging in the cable again
  2. While plugged in and if i hold Power button, I can see the charging indicator turns Green and if i unplug the charging cable, Headset Goes off and No Lights
  3. Tried Charging for Few Hours and attempted to turn it back ON But No Response in Power Button.

Also there is No Authorized Razer Service Center in my city, Nearby city or in India



Im Inexperienced with Razer Replacements as i am using Razer since 2016 and used Lot of Razer Headsets and Razer Cynosa V2 and None of them Gave me issues So I Really dont know what to do at this Point, I cannot Send the item to USA as shipping and customs will be Expensive for Both Sending and Receiving…. Also Razer Barracuda Pro Seems to be Expensive which Makes it hard to care less about Headset Failure Status


I got the headset from PCStudio, Not directly from the site but using their store 


I Got it on End of June 2023, It’s not even 1 year complete and the high price of the headset does not make it easier to care less about the current Problematic one and Look for New ones, Also it was working great and earcups feels very premium, I also Liked ANC and Since I use Crompton Dessert cooler in my Room, I always use Razer Barracuda Pro to Connect with Samsung NU8000 as the Bluetooth mode of Razer Barracuda Pro was only way to connect with Samsung TV(while PC is not being used), I Really Enjoyed the Headset and want the Experience to be Restored back, So Im making the Effort of Getting this issue Noticed by Razer Support 1st before Giving up.

Maybe this is a Battery overcharge issue or Headset needs a Hard Reset or Some other ways to fix the Battery issue ? I tried Looking online here, But almost all of the topics are Closed and they ask to contact customer care https://mysupport.razer.com/app/warranty-support


But this Page Requires Serial Number and the Problem is i cannot find it, Also the Guide Located here doesn't provide info for Razer Barracuda Pro https://mysupport.razer.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/548


other form of Proofs which i can submit ?

  1. I have the product box and Bill of Ankit infotech
  2. It can be seen here in Razer Synapse aswell as unsupported device

Currently i have 3 Razer Thresher 7.1 , 1 Razer Barracuda Pro and 1 Kraken V3 Pro


Razer Thresher 7.1 is the Most Powerful Headset of Razer(Not on Console but on a PC with Razer Synapse and Custom EQ applied)

But Since it is Currently unavailable Everywhere

and Razer Got into the Bandwagon of THX AAA and forgotten about Thresher and Dolby 7.1(No Plans of Releasing a Upgrade for Thresher Like Razer Thresher V2, Dolby 7.1, ANC, Hypersense, Bluetooth Support, Earcup Cushions like Barracuda Pro and  Rust Resistant Exterior design like Kraken v3 Pro), Razer Barracuda Pro is the current Best choice as only it had Bluetooth support and other current Bluetooth Headsets of Razer are not 50mm drivers.

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In future updates, Please make the Female voice to tell the Battery percentage(while the Headset is ON and Power button is Pressed two or three times Quickly).

I have found the Serial Number, Contacting Razer now


I will update here what happens after i receive information.

Got Stuck here, Not sure How to proceed Further


I have Entered the correct Serial number and the Website keeps saying it is wrong...



Alright, Serial Number issue fixed


Hopefully Someone will Get into this ticket issue



Hi domeautoAqua059,

I‘m sorry to hear about your Razer Barracuda Pro battery issue. We have escalated your ticket to our Support Team for further assistance. Also, I suggest you register your complaint on the www.acrorma.com portal. Once registered, you will receive an RMA number within 24 hours. Do note that India is not part of our shipping network due to logistic concerns, and Acro Engineering as our local distributor will be the one who will assist you with warranty claims. Feel free to PM me if your need additional help. All the best!

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