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Razer Barracuda Pro THX Spatial Audio Problem

  • 26 August 2022
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The THX Spatial Audio works just fine when my game or music app is working in the foreground. However it is ridiculous which THX Spatial Audio only works on the foreground application. The current problem is when the game or music works in the background (which means lost focus), the THX Spatial Audio just stops working, which makes sound really flat sound even worse than a 50 bucks headset. This is really annoying.

I can understand that maybe, just maybe, Razer thought in order to get the best spatial audio effect we need an application run in the foreground and analysis of its sound to make things better. However, I think we need the THX Spatial Audio to work with both foreground and background applications. Just like I am playing the game with my favorite music in my background music application.

Also there are some problems with THX sound, like the game Final Fantasy XIV which is supporting THX sound which makes me happy. However, the foreground and background application problems could cause the game to lose sound output and I must restart the game to get sound back, especially when I stream the game. I need to check if my stream is okay and reply to my friend's message. But a change of game runs foreground and background will make game lost its sound which is unacceptable.

I hope there is a way to make THX Spatial Audio also work with background music, or at least make Barracuda Pro hears better than the 50 bucks headset without THX Spatial Audio.

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