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Razer Barracuda X on Android

  • 13 September 2022
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Recently I purchased the Barracuda X (2021), and I have had trouble connecting the headset to my mobile device (Vivo Y70).
The processes I am taking is -
Turn on bluetooth > plug in dongle > turn on headset
I'm just questioning if anyone knows if this is a technical issue or an issue in the way I am connecting it as I haven't found info on it anywhere else.

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1 Reply

The Barracuda X is supposed to be plug-and-play using the dongle. That said, only the 2022 version supports Bluetooth mode. For now, try to update your phone to Android 11 if you haven't done so already. Send me a PM with the serial number of the headset and a screenshot of your phone's Android version. I can use those to look into other possible solutions.

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