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Razer Basilisk Quartz Mouse Not Working??

  • 12 February 2019
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Hi, I just purchased and received the Razer Basilisk Quartz mouse, plugged it in and installed Razer Synapse 3. But the mouse does not appear to work? None of the mouse buttons appear to trigger any sort of response even though the light on the mouse does come on when plugged into the usb slot. As I am using this mouse on my laptop, I can use my trackpad mouse to move the arrow on the screen around. However, when the Razer mouse is plugged in (but not working), the arrow on the screen constantly goes to the top left corner on its own, interfering with any sort of movement I am trying to do with the arrow via my trackpad.

I have already tried restarting my laptop (same situation), checking that the latest drivers were installed (and they are according to my laptop's Device Manager), turning off my trackpad (which just stops my ability to use the mouse/laptop at all), tested it on a Mac computer (which also had the same top left movement issue and no button response) and attempting to calibrate the mouse to no avail. I am also trying to use the mouse with the Invicta Quartz mouse pad and tried to calibrate the mouse to function on the mousepad but it does not respond either.

Is my mouse faulty? Please advise on what I can do to solve this issue.

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Hi there, @zacvvee! Can you send me the serial number of your Razer Basilisk Quartz mouse through PM? Let's continue from there.