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Razer blade 13 1650 power on issues

  • 4 December 2020
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So i have a razer blade stealth 13, 1650, each time i try to turn it on after its shut down, I need to hold the power on button, until the led blinks once white, and then I have to press it again shortly so it turns on normally. If i just press it once lightly it wont turn on, sometimes the keyboard leds light up, but then dim again after some time.

Whats the reason this might be happening?
Is this a hardware issue? I have recently updated and reinstalled it, made no difference, also tried uninstalling battery drivers.

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1 Reply

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Either your power button isn't working properly, or the battery isn't able to provide the power that is needed for the laptop to boot. Do send me the serial number so I can help you isolate the issue and get this sorted out.

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