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Razer Blade 13 keys on keyboard not working

  • 26 March 2023
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Hi, I've only had the laptop just over 2 years now and today the "e" and "u" buttons just stopped working altogether, simultaneously. Over the couple of years I've had issues with the "<--" (delete) lacking sensitivity so you have to press down harder to make it work and the touch pad click on the left also is quite stiff now but the laptop was still usable.

Now I can't even login as my password consists of the letter "e".

I've just tried using compressed air on the keyboard to no avail. I removed the "e" button and cleaned inside to remove debris, again to no avail.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.







2 Replies

0 replies 2 days in lol



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Hi! This is highly likely a hardware problem. We may need to start a repair request and ask you to send over your laptop to our repair center. Let’s continue our conversation through PM so I can kickstart a support ticket and properly document your concern. Thank you!