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Razer Blade 14 (2022) Doesn't Boot

  • 18 March 2023
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I bought my blade a few months ago in June/July and it's been working fine until I went on spring break. I hadn't used it for about 5 days and now it blinks a slow green light and the screen doesn't turn on.

I've tried the official video solutions and keyboard shortcuts to force power disconnect/ hard reset. I've also plugged it in to a monitor to test the backlight and screen, but there was no signal so it's apparent that the screen is fine. I have also tried letting it sit in this limbo stage to see if it just needed some time and that didn't work either.

Many people have said to change hibernation settings or power plans, but I can't do that because it isn't turning on. 

When it's done this before it was quick to reset and all I had to do was hold the power button to turn it off and back on, but it's not doing that anymore. 

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I have the same laptop and had a same problem.

Open up your laptop, unplug battery, unplug c-mos battery, hold power button for 30 sec. After reconnect batteries and give it a go. The first boot after named procedure was way longer than usual.


Hope this helps!

I wish I tried that before sending it off to the repair center. Hopefully it can help someone else with my issue. Thanks for your response! 

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Hi @P-ineapple,


Can you PM me your case/RMA number so I can check the status of its repair and coordinate with the relevant team? Thank you!