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Razer Blade 15 - 2018 - POST-Repair Function Loss

  • 22 July 2021
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Hey folks. Hoping to get... Well, any help at all, if possible.
Around six months back, my laptop's fan got loud. Like, unbearably loud. Like, grinding gears. Like a lawnmower.
I had to use my younger brother's laptop for a couple months until I could get the money to take the laptop to be repaired. Finally, when I did, they took out the fan AND the battery, as the battery had swelled up as a result of the heat after the fan broke.
They replace both with parts I purchased, and when I got the laptop back I realized that... Everything was screwed up. First, the laptop no longer powers on at all unless plugged in. If it is unplugged, poof. Becomes totally powered off. Which... Is very very bad for a college student who needs to take her laptop from class to class for notes and etc. Secondarily, but also more importantly, it moves at a snail's pace. It takes fifteen minutes to boot up, then an additional ten minutes to get past the login process. Once you're in, any program you try to launch will crash. Eventually, Windows itself will crash.
Is there literally anything I can do, or do I need to start selling stuff to get a new laptop?

Stuff I've Tried:

  • Leaving the laptop plugged in overnight to see if it will charge, if the reason it won't work unless plugged in is because it came from the factory uncharged.

    • Didn't work. Got my hopes up though!

  • Replacing the battery, again, with another replacement battery.

    • Same issue remains. Also got my hopes up. I'm gonna fight the concept of fate.

My older brother is more of a techie than me, and he's been fiddling with it. He's going to try to reinstall windows and do a complete reboot from scratch, but I'll admit that I doubt it'll work.

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Were the repairs done by a third-party shop? For now, please send me the crash, dump, and BSOD logs of your PC. You can follow the steps on this page to gather them and sent them to me via PM. In any case, I can submit a repair ticket on your behalf. PM me the serial number of your laptop along with a copy of its proof of purchase so I can validate its warranty.

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