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Razer blade 15 2021 battery swelling up.

  • 19 September 2023
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I’m pretty sure my laptop is passed warranty by a few months but I’ve noticed that my trackpad is slightly bulging out the frame. I’m pretty sure this is indicative of a swollen battery. I’m confident I can replace the battery myself so I’m wondering if there are any outlets to buy an official battery. 3rd party sellers seem suspicious. Sending it in might prove difficult for me since I originally purchased my laptop through my mother’s Amazon account so I don’t have the proof of purchase and I’ve since moved to a different country. 

1 Reply

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Hi @SleepinSoul,


Thanks for posting your concern in the support board. I understand you’re looking to replace the battery of your laptop, I would love to lend a hand. PM me the serial number so I can verify its model and our options for replacing the battery of your Razer Blade 15” 2021 model.