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Razer Blade 15 2021- Touchscreen not working

  • 30 December 2023
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Hi, there!


I have the Razerblade 15 2021(4K OLED Touch).  * Razer Blade 15” Advanced (2021) | RZ09-0409C

My laptop hasn't been working on the touchscreen since some time ago.

I know that there are several people here who are experiencing the problems my laptop has.

In my case, the laptop device manager does not recognize the HID-Compliant Touch Screen and in system.

In Device Manager, only 'unknown USB device (device descriptor request failed)' is displayed and a yellow exclamation point is displayed.

That's why the 'How to fix touchscreen issues on a Razer Blade system' posted by Razer Support is useless to me. (https://mysupport.razer.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2009/~/how-to-fix-touchscreen-issues-on-a-razer-blade-system?_ga=2.15899382.1531507594.1703899895-341324684.1703899893&_gl=1*3smxc4*_ga*MzQxMzI0Njg0LjE3MDM4OTk4OTM.*_ga_3TRK53PM75*MTcwMzk0MDE4MC4yLjEuMTcwMzk0MTA4MS42MC4wLjA.)


I tried to find the touch screen driver, but Razer support's Drivers & Downloads page only provides bios updates and no device-specific drivers. Even that is January 2022 as the final update.

I tried Windows update for update driver. But it was useless.

I also tried to update driver at device manager, it was also useless.

I also tried factory reset at least three times. But it was useless.

Therefore, I need a driver that also works on Win11.

Do anyone can help me?

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There's no solution, even downgrading to windows 10 won't work. So let's just hope razer will fix it one day. 

I have the same issue, same model. Still on Win10, touchscreen just stopped working one day randomly and not showing up in Device Manager. What is the solution? It’s obviously past the warranty period by now but I do have the extended coverage from the Microsoft Store so wondering if I should go that route. Would they give me a new model or something?

I have the same issue, any solutions?

Wow, I thought I was the only person with this issue.  My touchscreen started to act strange a few months ago - It would stop working, then start working suddenly (Sometimes for a day) and then back to not working or being detected in Device Manager.  Spoke to Razer support and of course, the standard answer was given - do a system restore.   Now, how a restore would fix something like this is a bit odd, it would work fine and the issue was never that the driver was missing / etc…   when it stops working, device manager shows it under hidden devices and it says the hardware is missing or not functioning (or some error close to that.

This seems like a design issue, or some common issue that I wish someone would discover a solution for.  I was looking at a new 14” Blade, but my last two Razers have had issues like this - my current 2021 Blade Advanced now has three issues - the SD stopped working, the 2nd NVME slot stopped working, and now my touchscreen stopped working.  All on a unit that is 3 years old (One of my oldest laptops ever, usually upgraded every 2 years or less - but this one has no reason to be upgraded - at least not until the touchscreen issue)

I would use it - if I had any warranty, I would use it - I have tried everything and the system restore was somethiing i didnt wnant to do - I really doubted it would resolve anything since it was working from time to time, which didnt really point to a software/driver issue.  To me, its some hardware issue - wish I knew what cable(s) I could try to replace to see if thats the issue, but Im not sure if the LCD cable also has the touch features in the same cable ot if there is another cable for that.   So far, Razer doesnt have any suggestion for me outside of the restore.

Since I need my touchscreen for my 3D works - it so much easier than keyboard/mouse navigation.   Since tthis one is dead now, and the new 14’s dont have Touchscreens, Im going to have to consider going back to a Surface - I would really miss the RGb keyboard, but I need Touch more than that.

I have the identical problem on a 2021 Advanced 15 0367

Has anyone fixed it?   Screen looks great but I miss the touchscreen and it’s out of warranty and not economic to repaid

I havent seen any real fix yet - Its getting really annoying, Mine was working for the last 3 days, no issues.  This morning I powered up and no touchscreen - hasnt worked all day.  


Its strange to work for a day, or a few and then not work for weeks - to suddenly work again one day.  I wonder if its the cable that controls the touch portion but I cant find any information on parts, or a replacement part at all.


Razer had me excited when they reached out on Reddit to simply tell me to do a system restore (No idea why they thought it was a driver issue or Windows issue, since it worked at times).  After that, they said “Sorry, youre out of warranty” and wanted me to send it in for diagnostics and repair service.   I get it, Im not in warranty - but the unit is almost 3 years old, so most of us likely dont have warranty on the 2021 model unless you purchased an extended warranty and I wouldnt have been asking for help to fix it then, I would have sent it in for repairs.


I asked them about the cable and where I could buy one just to try something - but they stopped replying once they said I should pay to have it looked at.

This really seems to way too common across different Razer models.  There are alot of posts in Reddit, Razer Forums, etc.  with the same issue we all have.

I'm resigned to learning to live without a touch screen.  It's a great device and otherwise trouble free. Screen is beautiful and, unlike earlier blades, the letters on the keys don't wear off:)


I miss the touchscreen a little less with every day that passes.   Pissed me off at the time but hopefully this is fixed for future models


Eh, what to do?