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Razer Blade 15 ADV Model - Audio Jack Earpiece Mic Low Volume

  • 11 October 2021
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Device: Razer Blade 15 (i7 10th Gen) (RTX 2070 SUPER Max Q)

I noticed that whenever I talked into my earpiece mic, I'd have to bring that shit close asf to my mouth for it to make be loud enough for the other party to hear my voice. It seems like if I don't bring the mic literally next to my mouth, the sound would be barely audible.

Note - Earpiece = Earpods, Samsung earpiece etc basically your standard earbud with an attached mic. Tried many different earpieces that yielded the same result.

Screenshot 1 - The Green bar barely breaks past the 2nd bump and the highest it would go would be to the 3rd rocker. I'm going to check out my cousin's model which is the same one and I don't remember hers having the same issues.

ScreenShot 2 - This was after a clean factory reset by the way. Before the reset, I basically changed Realtek to "High Definition Audio Device" Therefore, there were now 2 options - the Laptop's integrated mic itself and the mic in the earpiece, this seemed to slightly fixed the problem as my voice was now significantly louder but every time there is a period without sound on my laptop and all of a sudden I receive a notification, there would be a sharp static pop that happens. Attached below is what I had changed it to previously (High Definition Audio Controller)

Does anyone know any solution to this or were your laptops perfect out of the box?

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