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Razer Blade 15 Advanced 2021 and Raptor 165HZ UBS-C

I am having problems connecting my Laptop to the Raptor via USB-C > USB-C or USB-C > DP.

If I connect my iPad Pro M1 to the monitor using the same cables, the monitor works fine either through USB-C, DP or HDMI.

Is there a setting that I need to turn on with the Razer Blade 15? I am running the latest versions of Windows 10 Pro. I also notice that when I plug the monitor into the Blade via USB-C, the Intel Sound Drivers crash.

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I managed to get this working by turning on NVIDiA Optimus in the boot BIOS.

That means that if only using the discrete GPU There is no video out from the Thunderbolt 4 ports
You can also try configuring its display settings via the 5-way configuration joystick on the right-backside of the Raptor 27. You can also customize its settings on the GPU Dashboard, Windows Display Settings, and Synapse 3. PM me the serial number of your laptop so I can verify its model and check if it can support a USB-C display when not on iGPU.

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