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Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model (Early 2021) Randomly restarts (RZ09-036)

  • 5 September 2023
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I have noticed over the last few months that my laptop randomly restarts. It has happened when I paused a movie, or walked away from it for a few minutes. I’m pretty sure it has happened on battery or when plugged in.


Looking at Event Viewer on Windows 11, I see this log in relation to the restart:

The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.


I cannot think of any reason any of this things apply. Any help appreciated.




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Hi @elteaser,


Have you tried checking the power settings and the fans? Make sure to update the Synapse app as well for it to fetch all necessary updates for your laptop. PM me the serial number so I can verify its model and check my resources for other steps to help you address the problem. Thanks!

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Check CPU/GPU temperatures with HWinfo.

You can also check which module caused restart/unclean Windows shutdown with BlueScreenView app.

Hello and thanks for the responses.


BlueScreenView doesn’t show any logs, which is interesting.

HWinfo has a lot of information and I will dig deeper into that. Thanks. However, everything looks good at first glance.



Power settings are all normal, Synapse is updated. Fans seem fine. I suppose it is possible that it is a heat issue, but it doesn’t crash in the middle of intense gaming or anything. It is quite random, often when doing mundane things like when the web browser is open. I’ll send you the PM requested.


On that note, perhaps it has to do with the web browser or graphics drivers. I noticed that nVidia drivers don’t update without manual intervention. I get some error. I will look into that. I remember a long time ago just watching something on Hulu would hard crash Windows 10 and a full system reset/reinstall fixed it (different laptop, not a Razer, but still something quite random).


Thanks for the help.

I installed razer cortex, which seems to have a bunch of optimization options. I did some of them, some of the cleanup. Will see if that fixed anything.

bump. Still not solved.

laptop has restarted 5 minutes after turning it on and it was sitting quietly, fans were quiet

laptop has restarted with fans spinning fast as well


Can’t seem to figure it out.


I just checked BlueScreenView as you suggested after a crash. The last 3 recorded crashes were cause by this module: ntoskrnl.exe


ntoskrnl.exe    ntoskrnl.exe+59d456    fffff802`54000000    fffff802`55048000    0x01048000    0x69a46399    3/1/2026 6:04:41 PM                        


Thanks for the suggestion of that program. I will keep going down the internet rabbit hole to see what can fix this.

Mine was doing the same thing. In advanced power settings I disabled the disk from going to sleep and SO FAR it seems to be working. Mine was too intermittent to call it solved but perhaps it will help



Thanks for the idea.


I installed WinDbg Preview from the Microsoft Store, it’s a Microsoft product, and analyzed the latest crash log generated by BlueScreenView to discover that it most probably had to do with the graphics card on some level. Either the driver or hardware possibly. So I did a clean install of the latest graphics driver and will see how it goes. Otherwise I may try a factory reset or assume it is a hardware issue.

I will follow, Mine is 1 of 10 identical machines  procured for my team and the only one experiencing the issue

Hello everyone,


So I did a fresh re-install of windows 11, completely from scratch from a fresh windows 11 .iso from the microsoft website and everything seems fine now. The fans still spin up a lot unnecessarily, but no more weird crashes so far. I will mark this as the answer. Good luck to everyone else.


Noteably, my fans are nice and quiet on my Ubuntu Linux partition. Don’t know why the fans run so much in Windows, but that’s a different issue.