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Razer Blade 15 - Apple watch putting laptop to sleep.

  • 24 April 2019
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Hi all,
so today i had a momentary melt down until the logic & engineering knowledge in me kicked back in. So it turns out when you wear an Apple watch with a magnetic strap and then rest your right hand beside the trackpad the laptop stops whatever it is doing, and sleeps. Initially i thought it was a software issue as i had updated the night before but after a error check, BIOS check and then finally a sysem restore and still.. had the issue.
I had taken my watch off and tried to fix it later on and noticed i no longer had the issue... crazy right. I tested it again by putting the watch strap directly where it had been before and had the same issue instantly. I assume it is because the laptop screen has a magnet in it to tell the main board when its closed and can sleep. Is this a known issue or do I just have to change my laptops sleep options and put up with it? Would be ideal if the magnet has a unique electromagnetic frequency but i doubt it.

many thanks,

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Interesting. You're probably the first one that I've seen to have this issue. Can you send me a video of this happening via PM so I can try to recreate the issue? The RB15 already has countermeasures preventing a magnet from turning the screen off so there is a good chance that we are dealing with faulty hardware.

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