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Razer Blade 17 Pro screen has black lines, and other faults

  • 24 March 2023
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I purchased a razer blade 17 pro with the RTX 3080, 4K display about 2 years ago now. It was the most expensive laptop I'd purchased but I was very impressed with it's build quality on delivery, somewhat justifying it's price in hope's I wouldn't need to upgrade for another 3-4 years.. However it's been the most unreliable laptop I've ever owned, constantly troubling me with different issues.


It all started a couple weeks after receiving the laptop, while I was using it my laptop would suddenly freeze followed a few seconds later by the screen going black. It would stay in this state until I restarted the laptop. Initially I thought it was the whole laptop that stayed in a sleep state, but later realized it was just the display, as connecting the laptop to an external display showed the laptop was still running. This issue continued at least twice a day for several months. 


I contacted Razer CS which insisted the laptop had a software fault, I tried all the steps I was recommended but nothing seemed to work. Later after many painful months Razer brought out an update which seemed to fix the issue.


About 10 months in my 1 USB 3.0 port stopped working, being a port I rarely used I hadn't noticed it for some time so may have stopped sooner. Having moved counties from where I originally purchased the laptop, sending it in for repairs was not an option. About a 1.2 years in two or the lights on my keyboard only display 1 colour, meaning when it fades between colours it doesn't change. 1.5 years in my display is showing black lines across it.. 1.7 years and I've started to notice the battery is starting to swell..


I take extremely good care of my things, laptop included. Haven't done major traveling and have kept my laptop in perfect condition as in it doesn't have a single scratch on it. Yet it seems as though it'll died on it's own accord on the 2 year mark. So much for the investment!


Razer CS has been incredibly unhelpful over my year of warranty, and now that the warranty is over they refuse to even assist me.


Has anyone had a similar experience with razer?

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