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Razer Blade Pro 17" 2019 Touchpad / Trackpad

Hi there,

I was just curious if anyone else is experiencing this with the new 2019 machine just released. I searched the forum, but it doesn't look like it. I want to begin by saying that I am an advanced computer user and have been working in the tech support field for nearly 20 years.

The problem is that my touchpad is not sensitive at all. I find that I often have to tap once or twice in order for my touchpad to acknowledge that I'm trying to click on something. Sometimes while I'm scrolling, it will just stop and I have to lift my two fingers and place them back on the touchpad to continue scrolling. Other times, it will not register that I have tapped with two fingers in order to do right-click. These "interruptions" are very frustrating on an otherwise beautifully-built machine.

I have spent hours on this. I have looked for the touchpad drivers (my model is Elantech) and BIOS updates (there are none). I've plugged in a mouse, both bluetooth and USB -- and and both seem to respond normally and I don't have to repeatedly click -- so that's okay. I think it has to do with gestures / sensitivity on the touchpad. I have adjusted the sensitivity through Windows, but it doesn't look like that it's adjusting it at all since I have to make deliberate taps in order for my touchpad to work. There are no sensitivity settings through the Razer apps. I have used Razer Recovery partition to reinstall the OS from scratch, and I am currently using another vanilla copy of Windows to test if I experience the same thing on a clean install that is not a factory default image.

The frustrating thing is that I have an 8 year old laptop whose touchpad responds a lot more sensitively and accurately than the brand new Razer Blade Pro, and it's just incredibly disappointing because I expected more regarding the touchpad given the company's technological reputation. I have always wanted one of these laptops, and this is my first Razer machine purchase -- so I REALLY want this to work!

I have worked hours with Razer customer service and tech support and they are sending me a replacement machine. I am hoping that the sensitivity will be everything I'm expecting it to be with the new machine, but I'm scared that I will have the same problem. I *really* want this to work out.

So all this being said, is there anyone else out there who has the brand new machine? Is your touchpad sensitive? Is anyone experiencing my problem? I'd like to hear from someone and have some hope that maybe I just got a wonky model.

Thank you so much for reading this.


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I have this exact same issue on my 2019 RBP 17. Did the replacement fix it?
I have the 2019 RBP 17 and my touchpad works fine
Hi there! I forgot to touch base and let everyone know that, yes, they did send me a replacement unit and, yes, the touchpad is now sensitive and acts like a normal touchpad. I never did get down to the bottom of whatever was causing this issue — but I’m extremely happy with my new unit! Customer service is amazing and they’ll treat you well! Good luck!
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Hi everyone! Thanks for sharing your concerns to our Support board. Feel free to send me a PM if you still need assistance with your Razer laptop.