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Razer Blade Pro thermals

Hi guys,

bought a new late 2019 Blade Pro (RTX 2070 Max-Q) and have been thoroughly enjoying the device for the last 2 weeks.

noticed the laptop heating up quite significantly during Control, which I'm aware is a very intensive game. thought best just to check anywho.

i also noticed that on the very odd occasion that most of my games will go from 150+fps down to under 20 for a short period and then back up.

Checked HWinfo64 and during these incidents it indicates that thermal throttling was not applied, and also noticed that while average temps are around high 80s and touching 90.

I've owned multiple gaming laptops before and am fully aware they run hot, its how it is.

but what really struck me is that HWinfo64 is showing the IA voltage offset as 0.000v.

I was under the impression these laptops are stock undervolted to -0.100v?

Can anybody help me? is my device not undervolted and if so how can i apply razer's stock settings?

not interested in bypassing via intel XTU or throttlestop.

Thanks again.


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