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Razer Blade Stealth (2016) Thunderbolt port will not transfer data


I have a 2016 Razer Blade Stealth (The first stealth model), and my Thunderbolt port will not transfer data. The problem started just under a year ago when I went for a trip. I was plugging in my blade to charge but the OEM charger broke right at the connector. The outer sleeve of the USB-C connector fell off and would not go back on. I really needed to use my Blade and I did not have a spare charger at the time so I carefully inserted the broken charger into the charging port and the charger began to charge the Blade, as long as I did not bump the charger out of alignment. After the trip I went home and used my Razer Core to charge the machine but I noticed the Blade would not recognize the core being connected. I thought this was a problem with the core and started messing around with drivers. The Blade would charge from the Core no problem but nothing I do with the software or drivers could get the Core to get recognized by the Blade. I tried plugging normal USB devices such as a mouse, and flash drive into the Thunderbolt port using a type-C to type-A adapter and even those don't get recognized. Device manager does not show any changes when I plug anything into the Thunderbolt port. I don't think power is even coming out of the port since the light on the flash drive would not come on while plugged in. Plugging in my phone resulted in my phone not being recognized and my phone not recognizing that it is plugged in. Also, the phone does not get power from the port. Previously the devices used to get recognized and work no problem. Since then I have purchased a new charger, from a generic brand because I was being cheap, and have continued to use my Blade. The machine still charges but because the Thunderbolt port won't transfer data, I have a Razer Core that's only use is a over priced, extra bulky charger and nothing more. I have done so much stuff via software (Drivers, bios) that I am beginning to believe that it is a hardware issue. Is it possible that by plugging in the broken charger, a misaligned power pin might have contacted a data pin and damaged it?

I have tried to contact Razer support to see if my Thunderbolt port could get fixed, not sure if that's possible, but probably because of Covid, I have not received a response in over a week yet. The Blade no longer has warranty, but I was willing to pay for repairs if repairs were possible. I just wanted to know if anyone else has had an issue like mines and might have some other solutions that I might have not considered.

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I have a similar problem where the brick is lighting up but the computer will not charge. I however did not have any physical stimuli, it just stopped charging for seemingly no reason.
Hey OP,

In regards to the usb ports and monitor ports on my v1 Core, they are having the exact same issue as you; the core plugs into my 2016 razer blade stealth and charges fine, but the core and its gpu are not being recognized. This happened to me around 1:15 PM on Thursday afternoon, and it has not been connecting since then.

If you find any solutions, please let me know as well! It's extremely frustrating.