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Razer book 13 m.2 screw

  • 5 June 2023
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I recently bought a second hand 2021 razer book 13. I opened it up and saw that it was missing the screw that held down the m.2 ssd. I tried some spare ones I had but the threads were too big. I then tried buying a set online that had 2.5 and 3 mm ones and they were both two big. I tried calling the support line but was told they could not tell me anything about the internals. If anyone knows what size screw it is and or where to buy them please let me know. 

1 Reply

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Hi @rushCongoPink223,


Most of the Razer Blade laptops are using T5 M2-3.5L screws. Can you PM me the case reference number so I can check its status and our options? Thanks!