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Razer Control Devise failed to install

Hi. I've got a keyboard - Razer Cynosa Chroma. When I try to connect it to Razer Synapse 3.0 and it tries to install drivers for keyboard, I see this trouble "Razer Control Devise - Failed" and so... Synapse don't shows me my keyboard and I can't control it. Can you help me please?
Uninstall and reinstall of Synapse and drivers don't help at all.

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Hi there, @AlexanderBorisov223! Can you take a snap of your Razer Synapse 3.0? Also, what is the operating system of your computer?
Thanks for the answer. Here are screenshots of my Synapse 3.0.
I also sent to u a screenshot of a fact, that the keyboard has been connected to my computer, but something goes wrong.
I see yellow triangle with an exclamation mark after "Razer control devise failed", when Synapse tries to download updates.
My operating system is Windows 7.
Got it. Can you send me the serial number of your Razer Cynosa Chroma through PM? Make sure to add the link to this thread. Let's continue from there.