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Razer Edge Day 1 issue catches - For you early adopters

  • 27 January 2023
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Came into this forum looking for edge problems. So far a few things I'm catching on my day one Edge:

  • Haptics aren't registering in any games, not sure if i just have a setting thats off.

    • Attempted Apps:

      • Call of Duty Mobile
      • Moonlight game stream - I also have settings on for moonlight to emulate controller vibration, nothing
      • Minecraft
      • Castlevania SoTN
      • Portal Knights

    • I have a feeling it only works with the apps pre installed (Xbox, Epic games, Parsec,geforce now,... steam link?) but I've never tested these.

  • I've also sent in a support message through app, Razer's new Nexus app update is not compatable with Razer Edge not will you be able to find it on the app store.

    • Please do not attempt to download the APK from your phone share it to the Edge and attempt to install.

      • ver.2 Nexus will open and close to background with no movement. Had to recover from backup.

    • Razer edge is equipped with the Nexus ver 1 app from June '22, bummer really wanted to use the virtual controller layout. I have a feeling we'll not get the beta of the virtual controllers on tablet but we'll get it on their next programming sprint + google app approval.

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Some fixes:


  • Performed a Factory Reset through settings

    • Performed factory reset when Kishi v2 was plugged in

      • Doing so cause my directional buttons and xyab/shouler not to work. The Nexus button and menu button functioned fine.
      • Tablet couldnt find my kishi

    • Performed factory reset, kishi v2 unplugged

      • Replugged Kishi after setup, buttons are back on (yay!)
      • Haptics came to life on Minecraft

        • unsure if it's tablet or kishi providing the haptics

      • Tablet haptics/vibration works on Moonlight, cyberpunk 2077 is a blast on this device.

        • vibration is very very subtle definitely lighter than a nintendo switch

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Please note that the Kishi V2 Pro is responsible for the haptic feedback. Do send me a PM so I can help with troubleshooting. We'll also need to coordinate with the relevant teams about the compatibility with the Razer Nexus app.

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