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razer hammerhead true wireless earbuds defective product

  • 21 March 2024
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hello I’m new and this is my first razer product and I have a problem with my product and need assistance my razer hammerhead true wireless is defective and the right earbuds does not work I and don’t know how to make it work and just use the left one that still work thankfully but it sad because every time that I use it I can only use one and the mic is a bit muffled when I use it,  don’t know what to do its special to me because my uncle gave it to me and I don’t want to complain to him but I love my hammerhead true wireless  its quite fun and sounds really good I use it for school and for gaming but I can’t be fully immersed when I’m gaming, please need help to make the right earbud work this is the only earbuds I have and its special to me……………….…………….. o(TヘTo)

1 Reply

Sameee I have the same product but my left earbud does not work. I need help so I can return it and get a new one or get it fixed. Please let me know if you got some support