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Razer Hammerhead TW both ear pieces aren't working

  • 11 May 2022
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I've received the earphones I bought as a gift, when I've sent it it turned out that both of ear pieces aren't working.
the charging box is working because I have other pair which I tried on the box and it seemed to work fine, the problem as I've read is with the ear pieces themselves. They produce no sound at all is if they're completely dead; no "Powered On", no "Pairing" no nothing, I've tried all the possible solutions I found online like giving it a long press, three presses, three presses with a hold, and yet nothing seemed to work, I even placed the "misbehaving" pieces in the charging box closed and opened it a lot of times and nothing happened also.
What should I do, even If the surprise was totally ruined I'd still like to have them work.

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What's the color of the LED charging indicator when you put the earbuds in the charging case? For first-time use, you need to connect the charging case to a USB port using the cable without removing the earbuds. For subsequent use, you can charge them independently. You can check this guide for more detailed instructions. If you're still having an issue, PM me the serial number so I can check for other workarounds to help you address the problem.